NGT - Affordable Publishing

NGT will help with self financed publishing projects or will publish for you. Provide a Hot Selling Book Idea for an affordable Publication.

Let's Make a Deal
Customers with an idea for a book may publish without advance payment. Alternatively, NGT will publish your materials of any acceptable quality, if you pay for production costs. NGT will contract with the customer, author or editor for specific projects negotiated rights and obligations of the publisher and customer.

Get Permission, LOC and ISBN Numbers
NGT will obtain permission from any copyright holder to reproduce previously published material, if necessary. In order to do this we need original source information from the customer. NGT will acquire LOC and ISBN numbers for each publication, generate a barcode and an index.

The Editing Process
Customers and authors are asked to submit original manuscripts electronically. NGT will edit and arrange page layout.

Pre-Press and Page Layout
NGT, will do page layout from customer's text file in any standard word processing program.

Proofs and Corrections
After page layout and page proofs the gallery may be sent to an independent proofreader for professional proofreading. Proofed pages are sent to customer for any further changes. Changes of typographical errors will not incur additional charges.

The Final Print
Publication is scheduled for printing after corrections. Customer may be required to sign a release indicating satisfaction with the layout and content. The manuscript is then produced in desired format, binding, and quantity, plus or minus 5%.

Shipping and Handling
It take about three weeks to print and ship after the final corrections are made. Complimentary copies are sent to reviewers, editors, the LOC and Copyright office.  Copies may also be sent to contributors and others parties identified by the customer.

Promotion, Re-prints
NGT will help secure a market for your publication. Send out review copies to Reviewers, Schools, Libraries and the Press. Marketing suggestions from the Editor or Author are always welcome. Payment, or royalties, will follow contract terms.

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